Notification about PHLshop shipment policy change, effective 1 October 2019

PHLshop is implementing a global alignment of our shipment policy that will see standard shipping and handling included in our 2020 product prices and provided at no additional charge for orders being delivered from 1 October 2019.

PHLshop’s objective is to simplify and standardize the purchasing and shipment process for our customers globally and across all PHLshop product scope.

The shipment policy update in each country will depend on the prevailing current shipment logistic set up in each country. In most cases this means no change in shipment delivery terms or product prices that already contain standard shipping and handling costs.

PHLshop’s standard shipment policy will be as follows:

  • PHLshop will use DHL, Aramex, or UPS depending on delivery location. In some small items like cards or stickers we may use Postal Service.
  • PHLshop will be responsible for shipment and handling to our customers requested destinations as per our standard delivery terms.
  • PHLshop’s standard delivery terms are DAP or CIP (Incoterms 2020) depending on delivery location.
  • 2020 product prices will include standard shipping and handling across all product lines.
  • For non-standard shipping requests, such as non-standard packaging, transport methods or expedited shipping, additional shipping and handling charges will be applied. Examples of non-standard shipping are: shipping in special airfreight container, white glove delivery, dedicated truck, chartered plane, freight collect